Scholarships to Pay for Safe Kids CPS Fees

Apply for a Safe Kids Scholarship for the Florida OPRC to pay your Safe Kids fees for any of these Child Passenger Safety (CPS) certifications:  

CPS Technician

Parents try their best to install a car seat, but with the different model cars, and the varying models of car seats, installation can get quite confusing! Technicians are instructed over 3-4 days on installing all different types of car seats with their varying latches, buckles, and belt locks in a number of different cars with their own various belts, latches, and locking mechanisms.

Safe Kids Worldwide is the only certifying agency in the United States for car seat installation. You will have a well-rounded education on installing all major model car seats in all major model vehicles after the course. Showing your CPS Technician certificate at fitting stations will reassure parents that their child’s safety is in the right hands. Review this Safe Kids Worldwide webpage on becoming a technician.

Technicians in Florida have a particular resource available to them that no other state has: the Florida Occupant Protection Resource Center. The OPRC offers CPS-specific resources including LATCH manuals, instructional DVDs, car seats, and a library of print-ready materials to support our state’s CPS professionals. For those in need, the OPRC offers scholarships to pay for the Safe Kids Worldwide registration fee for CPS certification and recertification (not for the local fee, if applicable).

Looking to assist at existing car seat checks before starting your own? See this list of Florida fitting stations. Most technicians are glad to have assistance.

Ready to recertify? Review this Safe Kids Worldwide webpage on recertification requirements. It's never too early to start on the requirements; the five seat check-offs is the most common barrier to recertifying.

Tech Proxy

Becoming a CPS proxy is a great way to help occupant protection efforts in the state: proxies are authorized to approve seat check-offs for technician recertifications. If you are interested in becoming a proxy, apply to the OPRC to pay the Safe Kids proxy application fee and coordinate with a local instructor on obtaining a testimonial. The Florida OPRC staff can assist with connecting you to an instructor if needed. More information on becoming a proxy: 

CPS Instructor

CPS Instructors have the honor of leading the future of child passenger safety in their community, from teaching CPS Technician courses to offering guidance to new technicians at fitting stations and events. Florida communities benefit greatly to having an experienced CPS Instructor to encourage area technicians in their work with the public.To become a CPS Instructors, simply apply for candidacy through Safe Kids Worldwide, teach a course with existing instructors, and be evaluated. Review this Safe Kids Worldwide webpage on becoming an instructor.  

OPRC offers scholarships to pay for Safe Kids Worldwide instructor candidacy and recertification fees. CPS Instructors can also receive a stipend for teaching the CPS Technician courses if they are not being paid from other sources. See the CPS Instructor Stipend webpage to review the payment contract and more information.