Materials Ordering and Distribution

The Florida Department of Transportation Safety Office has provided funding to purchase safety materials for distribution through the Florida Occupant Protection Resource Center (OPRC) to both the general public and trained/qualified Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Instructors and Technicians. The purpose of the program is to promote occupant protection to Florida citizens.

Requirements to order materials:

1. Become a registered member of the OPRC site by clicking here to make a profile.

2. Enter the Store (below) to order your items.

  • Occupant Protection Materials are available to all Florida residents.
      • Items marked as tangible require the recipient to give a signature, such as a sign-in sheet or pledge form. These signature sheets will be uploaded in your report. Children recipients: the child’s first name and an adult’s signature.  Adult recipients: Their first and last name and their signature. Example signature pages are on this Forms page.
  • Safety Seats require a seat ordering permission on your profile. Apply to be a seat recipient.
  • Tech Resources requires an Technician or Instructor permission on your profile. Contact us if you are receiving an access error so we can double-check your permissions.
3. Report on your items after your event. Go to your profile page and click on “Report” next to your order to tell us how many items you distributed.

  • Upload any tangible item signature pages in this report’s Upload section (including poverty certification forms for car seats)
  • Car seat orders require additional reports. Refer to the reports listed when you applied to be a seat recipient.

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