NHTSA Releases New Child Car Safety Campaign PSAs


NHTSA Releases New Child Car Safety Campaign PSAs

NHTSA announced the release of new television, radio, out-of-home, and digital Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for their Child Car Safety campaign.

The new PSAs build on the insights from parenting research and trends, focusing on the idea that parents will do anything for the love of their children. The TV PSAs feature relatable scenes of parents carrying out selfless acts —from watching their child’s soccer game in the pouring rain to soothing a crying baby at 4 a.m. The videos cleverly nudge parents to become more informed about car seat and seat

Use these free safety materials to generate awareness about child car safety in your community throughout the year. Want to customize one of our radio or print PSAs with the tag of your local DOT or organization? Please email Elizabeth Nilsson of NHTSA’s Office of Communications and Consumer Information at elizabeth.nilsson@dot.gov for more information on this process.

Please click here to watch the PSAs on the NHTSA website.