FDOT's 2017 Highway Safety Matrix: Florida counties with highest injuries and fatalities


The county and city matrices were designed to provide traffic safety planners an objective, data-driven tool to rank traffic safety projects. Both counties and cities are divided into three population groups. The numbers in each matrix represents where counties or cities rank within their population group in a particular program area, with “1” representing the worst crash rate, as described below. For example, the “1” next to Hillsborough indicates they are ranked 1st in impaired driving serious injury and fatality crashes among the 24 counties in Group I. The top 20% is highlighted in each population group by program area. 

FDOT State Safety Office - Grants Website

Data Matrices (for grant cycle October 2016 - September 2017)

FY 2017 County and City Matrix Information Sheet (PDF)

FY 2017 FDOT Higway Safety County Matrix (PDF)

FY 2017 FDOT Highway Safety Matrix - City Group 1 - population 75,000+ (PDF)

FY 2017 FDOT Highway Safety Matrix- City Group 2 - population 15,000 - 74,999 (PDF)

FY 2017 FDOT Highway Safety Matrix - City Group 3 - population 3,000 - 14,999 (PDF)

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