Florida OPRC: 2017 LATCH Manual Update Available



Florida OPRC: 2017 LATCH Manual Update Available

Hello CPS Professionals,

An update was published for the 2017 LATCH manual on 6/29/2018. Please print at your earliest convenience by downloading the update from the Safe Ride News website.  There is a limited supply of 2017 LATCH manuals in the Florida OPRC store -> Tech Resources. The 2019 version should be available in a few months.


Car seat orders are rolling in. If you are getting an error for the agreement or orders, email us at Floridaoprc@ce.ufl.edu. The most common issue is the profile permissions; some technicians requested logins using the general-public profile request and not the restricted-area CPS Instructor/Technician request. View the login page for more details.


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