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Inflatable Seat Belts - General Use and Use With Car Seats


Inflatable Seat Belt Update
by Kim Herrmann, Safe Kids Worldwide (Ft. Myers, FL), via CPS Express Newsletter 08/2014

CPS Technicians may see inflatable vehicle shoulder belts in some Ford, Lincoln and Mercedes Benz vehicles. Like many innovative technologies that provide additional safety for adults, there may be an impact on child passengers.

What are they? You can see how they work in these videos from Ford and Mercedes Benz and read about them in the 2014 Technician Guide starting on page 5-6.

Child Restraint Manufacturers have developed policies regarding using their products with inflatable seat belts.

2014 Inflatable Seat Belt Policy

Although there are few changes and additional manufacturers listed, manufacturers continue to assess inflatable seat belt compatibility with their products and will update recommendations and revise statements as new data becomes available.

As always, the manufacturers provide the bottom line. Always read and follow their directions. Since any list may become outdated, the best source of information is to contact the manufacturer for the most up to date information.