Pictures Posted! 2/3/14 CPS Update in Jacksonville


The 2/3/2014 CPS Tech Update in Jacksonville was a super success. A special thank you to Dr. Morya Willis, Debora Bland, Kim Herrmann, and Danielle Kessenger for their time and energy for all the hard work that went into making all the arrangements. Nearly 60 techs were in attendance and were challenged with all things CR related. Stations were set up in installation lookup in vehicle manuals, the CR manufacturer's DVD and LATCH manuals for car seats with no manuals, filling out car seat checklists, practicing installations with various vehicles and car seats, and several others. Sarah Tilton was on hand from Britax for their product update, as well as a presentation on the LATCH changes.

Check out the photos on our facebook page. Here is a link direct to the CPS Update Album: