Florida OPRC News: CPS Week After-Event Report Due, Statistics Available


CPS Week After-Event Report Due, Statistics Available

Happy new grant year!

All CPS Week events are wrapped up, so please take time in the next couple of weeks to email a completed NHTSA CPS Week After Event Spreadsheet to us, as well as submitting the regular monthly report of your car seat check tallies to your ordering instructor. Even if you don’t distribute OPRC car seats, this data is so important as a picture of Florida's OP efforts for future car seat funding, so send send send!


Child safety seat funds are low for this new grant year, but there’s lots of children in incorrectly installed car seats that are at just as much risk. According to FARS data for 2015, of the 320 children through age 10 who died on Florida highways, 258 were actually restrained. That’s 81% of these children who were most-likely not restrained properly, since 2015 car seat misuse is 90%. 


Want statistics similar to what we just gave? Ask! If anyone needs car seat distribution data for Florida by county for grant submittals, we can supply information from the submitted monthly reports. Several statistic resources are also listed in our website under Resources -> Links -> Other Safety Links

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