NHTSA Funds for Car Seats; Instructor Stipends, Scholarships Update



NHTSA Funds for Car Seats; Instructor Stipends, Scholarships Update

Greetings Florida Child Passenger Safety Family!!

Recently, the Florida Department of Transportation Safety Office (FDOT) received the attached memorandum from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s General Counsel dated January 16, 2016, the subject for this memorandum:  Use of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Funds to Purchase Items for Distribution.

This memorandum contains guidance concerning the use of Federal highway safety grant funds by States and State subrecipient’s for certain purchases.  Although the Safety Office is still working with NHTSA on clarification and final details, we wanted to go ahead and share this importation information with you.

Below is an outline of what’s covered in the attached memorandum:

  1. Allowable Cost
    1. Recognition Awards
    2. Safety Supplies and Equipment
    3. Educational Materials
    4. Advertising Media
    5. Promotional Items are Not Allowable Costs under NHTSA Grants
    6. Governing OMB Circular Provision on Advertising and Public Relations Costs

How Does This Memorandum Effect The FOPRC?

  • Educational Materials:  The FOPRC currently complies with the guidance in the attached memorandum.  No changes required.
  • Promotional Items:  The FOPRC removed these items from their inventory during the 2012 grant cycle.  No changes required.
  • Child Safety Seats:  The attached memorandum states the following:  States may use Section 405 occupant protection grant funds to provide child restraints to low-income families, subject to a cap of 5% of grant funds received.   Changes effective immediately:
  • For Florida, 5% of our occupant protection grant funds equates to $135,000 that can be spent in child safety seats.
  • Since the implementation of the FOPRC, the child safety seat line item averages an annual budget of $450,000 to cover the cost for the conventional child safety seats and the special needs child safety restraints.
  • For this grant cycle the $135,000 cap was reached during January 2016.
  • A budget amendment is being completed by the FOPRC to have the child safety seat line item budget reduced to be in compliance with the attached memorandum’s guidance.
  • The Florida Special Needs Child Safety Restraint Loaner Program (FSNCSRLP) will continue to do business as they have in the past.
  • For this grant cycle and future grant cycles, the FOPRC will no-longer carry child safety seats in their inventory.
  • The Annual Child Passenger Safety Week:  This is the only time of year that the FOPRC will take orders for child safety seats.  To be a recipient of these child safety seats, a Florida certified CPS instructors and/or technicians will have to register a CPS Week Event with the FOPRC.  The ordered child safety seats will be drop-shipped or picked up during August, the number of child safety seats available will be determined by budget left over from the FSNCSRLP.

Other Changes Made to FOPRC:

  • CPS Instructor Stipends:  A $1,500 stipend was approved this year for instructors to travel to teach outside of their normal teaching area or headquarters (greater than 50 miles from headquarters).  A $640 stipend contract was approved this month for those who are teaching in their own area (50 miles or less from headquarters).
  • To avoid double-dipping, you will not be eligible to receive the CPS Instructor Stipends for the following reasons:
  • If you’re teaching the CPS Technician 32 hour course at your place of employment; and
  • If you’re being paid by your employer during the days that your teaching the CPS Technician 32 hour course.
  • CPS Technician (CPST) Scholarships:  It is FDOT’s expectation that those being funded by FDOT to certify or re-certify will be active in community events. The application form now requires applicants to set their Safe Kids profile with a “yes” for Permission to Post, as well as a statement on what CPS activities they plan to accomplish in their community. 
  • CPS Checklist Phone Application:  This 2016 approved line item is being placed on hold till further notice. 

We strive to continue the best service possible to you while meeting all Federal guidelines and stipulations.  If you have any questions please contact Dr. Morya Willis at seatbeltdoc@gmail.com


Thanks.  Florida OPRC Team

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