OPRC News: 2/29/16


OPRC News is sent periodically to all CPS Instructors and Technicians in Florida, as listed in the Safe Kids Worldwide listing. If you did not receive the OPRC News, update your Safe Kids profile.  

The 2015 Florida Misuse Report will be published next month (a preliminary report is available under Links -> Other Safety Links), comprised of all the data that YOU send us – thank you to all that make this data collection possible. More car seat checks than ever occurred last year in Florida, and this isn’t with everyone’s information yet. A sample tally sheet and explanation page are available to download; see Car Seats -> Forms. If you aren’t already submitting monthly reports through a CPS instructor, contact Dr. Morya Willis to turn in your tallies by March 11th.
(Instructors: contact us to add techs to your reporting dropdown box.)

Much talk has been heard of pre-and post-surveys for safety belt and child restraint use. Two survey sheets are available on the OPRC website: one used with the Minority Task Force for Occupant Protection surveys, and another used for the FDOT Safety Belt annual surveys. Find them under Print Ready Resources -> Technical/Information Booklets

Last grant year, FDOT funded a new PSA of kids explaining the updated Florida CPS law and NHTSA recommendations. Share share share! A link to the PSA can be found in our feature slider, and more permanently under Links -> Child Restraints

Thank you to all who make our center's information and resource exchange possible for helping you further occupant protection awareness and usage in your community. 

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