Statistics and Reports

2020 Law Enforcement Survey on OP in Florida

FDOT Safety Office County Matrix of OP Injuries and Fatalities

FDOT Safety Office publishes a table ("matrix") of counties ranked in terms of their fatalities and injuries related to different focus areas.

Safe Kids Recertification Rates

Safe Kids publishes a report on recertification rates by state.

Florida CPS Recertification Survey Report - public version

Surveys were sent to Florida's Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Technicians and Instructors in February 2017 to get their input on what factors influence recertification. More than 350 responses were collected. A public version of the report is available.

Other Driving Safety

Florida Community Traffic Safety Teams (CTSTs)

Team members consisting of public Education, Enforcement, Engineers and Emergency Medical Services (the four "E"s) work together to develop solutions to local traffic safety problems in Florida counties.