Child Restraint - General Safety

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FDOT's 2017 Child Restraint Survey Final Report

Results of the first statewide observational survey conducted to determine child passenger restraint use in Florida.

CPS Week Dates through 2020

How to Dispose of your Expired Seats

So the car seat or booster seat has served its useful life... what should you do with it now? We don't want someone to find it and think they found a treasure in the trash.

CPS PSAs - Florida Statute Update by Kids; Wizard of Oz

2015 FS Update PSA presented by kids, and Wizard of Oz PSAs from the Ad Council

Florida Statute on CPS Updated January 1, 2015

More information on what exactly law enforcement will be looking for and the consequences of not complying.

Car Seat Registration for All Model Car Seats

Recalls occur so the manufacturer can fix the problem, be it a minor convenience issue or a major safety factor.

NHTSA Car Seat Finder Tool

The tool will output a listing of the different seats on the market that fit the child.

Child Restraints for Children in RVs

Unlike school buses, which must meet the strict structural standards of several FMVSSs, RVs are not subject to school bus standards, nor do many of the crashworthiness standards governing cars apply.

Car Seats and Migrant Organizations

Migrant worker organizations have resources especially for their demographic, so contact a local migrant worker organization for CPS needs.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) CPS information

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention have podcasts on CPS topics and a downloadable "Color Me Safe" coloring book in English and Spanish.

GHSA Table of All State CPS Laws

This Governors Highway Safety Association chart lists all current child passenger safety laws. All states have enacted laws requiring some type of child passenger restraint system be used. Requirements usually vary based on a child's age, weight or height

$2 Difference Child Safety Seat Program

Vehicle owners have the opportunity to donate $2 or more to the Highway Safety Operating Trust Fund's $2 Difference Child Safety Seat Program to help needy residents living in their own county obtain car seats for their children.

NHTSA Traffic Safety Fact Sheets and Research Notes

Statistic reports on auto fatalities with those using child restraints and seat belts, as well as research studies on usage of OP, electronic devices, distracted driving, and more.

National Child Passenger Safety Board

Established to provide program direction and technical guidance to states, communities and organizations as a means to maintain a credible, standardized child passenger training and certification program.

CPS Express

An e-newsletter for CPS Technicians.

Safe Ride News

Publisher of LATCH manual.

Downloadable Materials

Florida Child Restraint Misuse Rates Yearly Reports

A collection of monthly reports from Florida CPS personnel. Reports are by calendar year, and are subdivided by Florida counties.

NHTSA Priority Counties of Low Numbers of CPS Instructors and Technicians

NHTSA Priority Counties of for Low Numbers of CPS Instructors and Technicians

FDOT Safety Office County Matrix of OP Injuries and Fatalities

FDOT Safety Office publishes a table ("matrix") of counties ranked in terms of their fatalities and injuries related to different focus areas.

Harmonized CR Usage Statements for CPSTs

The Manufacturers Alliance for CPS (MACPS) updated their "Harmonized CR Usage Statements for CPSTs" on 11/12/13. These joint statements include information that is not always printed in owner's manuals and are intended to provide guidance to CPSTs.

AAA's Buckle Up coloring pages

AAA's Safe Seats 4 Kids - Buckle Up coloring/activity pages

AAA: Updated car seat law press release and flyer

Full-page flyer listing NHTSA recommendations along with update Fla. law effective Jan. 1, 2015.

OPRC Brochure

How OPRC Supports Occupant Protection Personnel

CDC "Color Me Safe" Coloring Book

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) "Color Me Safe" coloring book in English and Spanish

Free Downloadable I'm Safe Customizable CPS Activity Pages

I'm Safe invites everyone to download and customize these free items for CPS Week.

I'm Safe Customizable Activity Page

Challenge children to think about how to ride safely in a car with this activity page.

NHTSA's Chuggington Child Activity Book

Let's Learn About Safety Chuggington child activity book in English and Spanish

W.H.A.L.E. Check Handout and Car Seat Label

The W.H.A.L.E. card has a two sided combo handout that includes an informational label for parents to fill out and adhere to their child's car seat. This provides EMS with the child's information in the event of a crash.

Child Restraint - Installation

Safety Links

Safe Kids' new installation assistance website: The Ultimate Car Seat Guide

Safe Kids Worldwide recently launched a new Child Passenger Safety site to assist caregivers with car seat installation.

Installation Videos on the CPS Board Youtube Channel

Installing rear-facing, forward-facing, compares seat belt vs. boosters, using locking and belt-shortening clips, etc.

AAP Car Seat Selector and Installation App on ITunes

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released a new smart-phone application (ITunes only) to help parents ensure that their kids are buckled up as securely as possible on every trip.


Downloadable Materials

NHTSA Car Seat Recommendations

NHTSA Car Seat Recommendations One Page Flyer

Which seat is best for you? rack card

FLHSMV Car Seat Rack Card - Which seat is best for you? - English and Spanish


Child Restraint - Manufacturers

Safety Links

Child Restraint Manufacturers List

The Safe Kids Resources page containing a list of child restraint manufacturers.

Country of Origin - Where Carseats Are Made

With the Buy American Act on most grant funds, where a car seat is made is more important than ever.

Child Restraint Manufacturers and Distributors from SafetyBeltSafe

Websites and phone numbers for all major car seat manufacturers, courtesy of SafetyBeltSafe.

Manufacturers Alliance for Child Passenger Safety Web Page

Request a manufacturer speaker; view schedule of CPS conferences and harmonized manufacturer usage statement.


Downloadable Materials