Heatstroke Prevention

How 4 technologies designed to prevent hot car deaths work

Sensorsafe, General Motor's Rear Seat Reminder System, Driver's Little Helper Sensor System, Waze

NHTSA December 2015 Research: Retrospective Analysis of Heat Stroke Deaths of Children in Motor Vehicles

The underlying cause of death as noted on death certificates for cases in which heatstroke is suspected is not always heat-related, and may explain why NHTSA counts are different from those reported by other sources.

Heat Stroke Statistics

List of webpages with up-to-date statistics on heat stroke deaths of children in cars, by year and by state.

Auto Themometer Vendors - Cling or Dash Mounted

The OPRC purchase Lifemeters each year, but get out of stock quickly due to their popularity. Check out this vendor list for low-cost cling or dash-mounted thermometers your organization can purchase to promote heatstroke issues.

Vehicle Temperature Table

An easy-to-use table of vehicle temperature changes (in closed cars during hot weather) that may help public officials and media remind the public about the deadly consequences of vehicle-related hyperthermia.

NHTSA's National Heatstroke Prevention Day Campaign

Contains lots of information and printable media

Safercar.gov Heatstroke Materials

Also a NHTSA website, but with sliightly different items

Heatstroke Tip Sheets and Posters from Safe Kids

Printable documents specific to Parents, Daycares, and Partners, made available from Safe Kids Worldwide

KidsandCars.org Heatstroke Materials

Fact sheets, charts, PSAs