CPS Seat Donation Guidelines:

Car seat/safety restraint donations are highly encouraged to be received from public citizens for the following purposes: 

1.       A donation gives each qualified recipient (low income families) a vested interest and a sense of heightened responsibility toward the item received.
2.       A donation also provides funds for your local Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Program to purchase items needed for your car seat fitting stations such as child safety seats, clip boards, photo copying of forms, etc. (but not for food, travel, or conferences).

Donations may not exceed the amount paid by the Florida Occupant Protection Resource Center (FOPRC) for the respective car seat.  The maximum donation amount for each car seat model available through the FOPRC is listed in the following table. 

Car Seat Type (click seat name for more information on seat):

Maximum donation amount:

Evenflo Sonus


Evenflo Titan SureRide 65


Evenflo Secure Kid


NOTE #1: Please continue to use your local guidelines to establish your donation amounts, but do not exceed the maximum donation amount for these particular seats.   

NOTE #2: Remember the Florida Department of Transportation (the funding source for FOPRC) wants the families and their children that stop by your CPS Inspection Station to be safer when they leave.   If the family cannot provide a donation, do what you can to ensure that even the children in these families are safer when they leave.

Want to receive the OPRC's bulk pricing when ordering your own car seats? Download this Evenflo contract order form.

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