2015 LATCH Manual Available - FREE to Florida CPSTs through OPRC


The 2015 LATCH Manual is now available for free for Florida CPSTs through the Florida OPRC, or sell at Safe Ride News online.

Research for the 2015 LATCH Manual focused on identifying the key LATCH information technicians need curbside. In 2014, amendments to FMVSS 213 went into effect that apply to LATCH use, so a major focus in this edition is explaining how to use CRs made before and after these changes, including general instructions and very detailed information from manufacturers. In Appendix A, CR manufacturers indicate when LA attachment weight limit labels began to appear on their CRs, what weight limits are given, and whether those limits were (or will be) changed to reflect allowed rounding. In Appendix B, 11 of the 51 vehicle brands indicate LATCH weight limits that have been revised since the 2013 edition.

Also, be sure to check out the inside front and back covers. These now feature helpful information on recertification, subscribing for LATCH Manual updates, and general CPS resources.

Here are just a few of the other features and changes found in the 2015 LATCH Manual:

Appendix A: CR Manufacturer Entries

For the 2015 edition, six new CR manufacturers join more than 40 CR brand entries to provide information on the LATCH aspects of CRs. Revisions include:

  • New details on inflatable seat belt policies and Canadian usage differences.
  • QR codes, as available, for quick access to manufacturer instructions and/or video using a smartphone app.
  • Weight limits for use of CR lower anchor attachments, broken down to provide guidance depending on whether a model is made before or after amendments to FMVSS 213 went into effect in 2014.
  • Tables of manufacturer-supplied CR model weights and other QRLs reviewed and updated with new CR models added.

Appendix B: Vehicle Manufacturer Bullets and Tables

Fifty-one vehicle brand entries provide current brand- and model-specific information for every vehicle sold in the United States. The bullets at the beginning of each brand listing are updated to provide essential, brand-wide details, many of which are not specified in vehicle owner’s manuals. For many brands, readers will find expanded information on head restraints, cargo covers, tether routing, and tether anchor retrofit kit availability. Vehicle manufacturers provided relevant differences for use of vehicle LATCH features in Canada (which mainly confirms that such differences are very rare).

NEW—Appendix C: Center LATCH Installation

C is for Center! Appendix C has been repurposed to be dedicated to information on using LATCH in the center rear-seating position. It has an introductory page that discusses the basics of this subject and two quick-reference lists. Table C1 cross-references CR and vehicle information to identify scenarios that allow use of nonstandard-width LATCH in the center. Table C2 lists all vehicle models that offer standard LATCH in the center, broken down by LATCH configuration.

Earn a CEU

Techs can earn 1 Category 5 CEU for completing the 2015 LATCH Manual quiz. To find the quiz, go to, click on "CPSTs/Professionals," and then "Recertification CEUs from SRN." (For a limited time, the 2013 manual’s quiz will remain available for technicians who used that edition in 2013/2014.)

More information is available online. Safe Ride News Publications greatly appreciates the input from all the manufacturers for this completely updated edition.