How to Deal With 571.213 LATCH Use Changes


Excerpt from Safe Ride News article:

Many articles have come out on the changes to LATCH requirements come February, some very lengthy with formulas and a magic 65 lb limit. However, the arrival of February 27, 2014 will not change how we determine the maximum child weight for using LATCH. As always, we must continue to determine the LATCH weight limit requirements of both the vehicle and CR manufacturers; for the CR that means we check and follow CR instructions. Yes, CRs will have new information on labels and in instruction booklets by or before February 27, 2014, but for us it will be business as usual: Follow the instructions for the particular CR unit being used.

Key details of the new rule include:
■The 77-pound, 10-year-old dummy will be used for testing of CRs intended for children from 65 to 80 pounds. CRs for use from 50 to 65 pounds will continue to be tested with the 51-pound, 6-year-old dummy for performance and with the 6-year-old weighted to 62 pounds (clothed) for structural integrity.
■When the dummy PLUS CR weigh more than 65 lbs, harness-equipped CRs will be tested only when installed with a seat belt (not with the lower anchors). NHTSA explains in the ruling that this is because FMVSS 225 was not developed with the expectation that CRs would be used for weights higher than this. However, CRs tested with the new 10-year-old dummy will be required to pass head excursion requirements in both tethered and untethered scenarios when installed with the seat belt.
■Since some CRs with higher harness weight limits will not be tested to the CR’s upper weight limit when installed with lower anchors, NHTSA has further ruled that a consumer warning label must appear on all such CRs regarding the weight limit for using the lower anchors. This advice also will appear in the CR owner’s manual. The required warning label will state a maximum child weight for lower anchor use. The CR manufacturer will calculate the weight limit by subtracting the CR weight from 65 pounds. In other words, each CR model will have a specific maximum child-weight limit for using the LAs that’s dependent upon the weight of the CR, so that the limit for installing with LAs takes into account the combined child plus CR weight. The standard also clarifies that these weight limits do not apply to LA installations for boosters or CRs used in booster mode.

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